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Dance Adelaide – Bridal Waltz

Thinking of doing a bridal waltz on your wedding day? However the fear of embarrassing yourself or your beloved fiance dancing the awkward shuffle that drags on is making you sweat bullets? You are not alone many grooms and brides to be have come to us at Elite Synergy Dance School – Dance Adelaide for help.


The Latin dance of love is not surprisingly the most common dance used by our wedding couples. It is slow, romantic and can be danced to a lot of the most popular love songs and ballads.


This classy ballroom dance complements a more formal wedding style and utilises the space well on a large dance floor. It is traditionally danced to big band music so if your song is by Sinatra or Buble then this may be a good pick for you.


The original wedding dance. The Waltz has a formal look to it but can be easily adapted to suit a smaller dance floor. Waltz music has a unique 3/4 time signature, check out some of the songs we have listed to get an idea of which songs you can dance Waltz to.

Mambo, ChaCha, Samba, Salsa, Swing

If you want to shake things up at your wedding and really get the party started then consider trying one of these faster Latin dances.

Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep

Using one of these ballroom dances on a large dancefloor can make a big impact, they take a little more practice to get going, but are great for those couples who want to stand out for their dancing prowess.

Bachata, Zouk Lambada, Bolero, Argentine Tango

These South American dances have a sexy and intimate feel. Choosing one of these less commonly known styles makes for a unique wedding dance.

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Belly Dance Arabesque – Fun

Belly Dance Arabesque specialises in quality entertainment and tuition in Middle Eastern Dance including Modern and Classical styles of Belly Dance, Bollywood Dance and Tribal Belly Dance.
Our professional entertainers will create a vibrant atmosphere with our specialised Hen’s Party packages that can include entertainment and interactive workshops.
If you are looking for that extra wow factor at your Wedding one of our professional floor shows will bring the extra sparkle to your big day. Your guests will delight in family friendly entertainment that can be catered to your theme, colours and venue.